Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Foot position during the squat

I wanted to write about squat foot position, I get asked about it often and correct during squats all the time.  I feel the proper position of the foot during the squat is toes forward position.  Toes forward allows the athlete to create the most stable position for the foot, ankle, knee and hip.  Toes forward allows for the creation of torque through external rotation at the hip.  The torque and external rotation stiffens the arch of your foot, this will create stability and power from the foot.  With the foot now set, the shins are now vertical and set properly into the ankle.  The vertical shin trains the knee to be in a more stable and safe position.  Decreasing the risk of knee injuries.  The goal is to train this position in a controlled setting of a workout, with the hope that the training carries over to the field.

Now, if you have noticed me working with some clients that do not have their toes pointed forward during their squats, there is usually a reason for that.  Most that I work with that do point their toes out while squatting usually have decreased range of motion in the hip, so toes pointed out a little will allow for work through the full deep squat.  Eventually working towards toes forward deep squats.

Start adding toes forward to your squat workouts to get stronger and safer.         

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