Monday, June 20, 2016

Sick of same old core movements?

The next time you want a "new" core exercise give a loaded carries a try. You might be asking, what is a carry? Carries might be one of the most simple core movements to perform, pick up something heavy and walk. All the muscles of the core must fire to protect our spine from moving while carrying heavy things. Your body will always get it right, no thinking are my hips in the right place like while planking.
Types of carries;
Farmers walks:  holding two objects (dumbbell, kettle bell), one on each side.
Suitcase walk: hold on object by the side.
Rack (position): hold object (1 or 2) up by shoulders.
Overhead: hold object (1 or 2) overhead with strait arms.
Odd objects can also be used for carrying, bear hug a sand or heavy bag.

Give carries a try during you next workout. Pick up something heavy, walk a certain distance, time or steps, and do that two or three times.
Have fun and try a variety of carries.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Try this for calf help!

As anyone who has talked with me knows, I am a huge proponent of tissue work and foam rolling. We all need to have a daily tissue mobilization practice. With the weather improving (finally in the Northeast), people are getting more active. Especially runners! And with that comes tight calves/Achilles and feet. I have had a few comments lately about the difficulty of holding the body off the ground in order to create enough pressure for effective rolling. I happen to agree. For this problem I have a little trick that will allow everyone to create enough pressure on the calves for great results.
You will need two yoga blocks or two 2" think books and a tiger tail/the stick like device (I use a 1" round dowel).
 To perform, place the blocks on the floor and put the tiger tail or dowel on top. Start by placing one leg onto roller just above the heel; place the second leg on the first. Take your time and work up the calf, pointing the foot in and out until just below the knee.
                        Block Set-up                            

                                        Beginning Calf Rolling

Using the yoga block set up will allow you to spend more time working this tissue, giving you better results.

Give it a try.