Monday, March 14, 2016

Are you consistent?
How is everyone doing with their workout goals (I wrote about goals in January)?  Do you find yourself still struggling to find a goal? If so, how about attempting to be more consistent with any exercise/activity.   I’m still talking about performance based activity.  Become consistent performing basic human movements; squats, push, pull, hinge and push/pull sled.  Are you able to squat? If you struggle, you need to do them more often.  It is said that ten thousand hours is required to become an expert at something.  We don’t need to be an expert.  But, we do need to be good.  Becoming “good” will take hundreds of hours (does not have to be done in a week).  This is where consistency comes in.  Doing small increments daily will add to the hours needed to become good at a movement.  When we were in school we didn’t just read and write once in awhile, we did it daily to become good.
And on a goals note, one of mine for this year is to write more on this blog.  A friend of mine recently “checked out” my blog and pointed out to me that I have made an average of one post per year.  Here is my second post, which is more than last year. 
Until next time, keep getting strong.