Monday, June 6, 2016

Try this for calf help!

As anyone who has talked with me knows, I am a huge proponent of tissue work and foam rolling. We all need to have a daily tissue mobilization practice. With the weather improving (finally in the Northeast), people are getting more active. Especially runners! And with that comes tight calves/Achilles and feet. I have had a few comments lately about the difficulty of holding the body off the ground in order to create enough pressure for effective rolling. I happen to agree. For this problem I have a little trick that will allow everyone to create enough pressure on the calves for great results.
You will need two yoga blocks or two 2" think books and a tiger tail/the stick like device (I use a 1" round dowel).
 To perform, place the blocks on the floor and put the tiger tail or dowel on top. Start by placing one leg onto roller just above the heel; place the second leg on the first. Take your time and work up the calf, pointing the foot in and out until just below the knee.
                        Block Set-up                            

                                        Beginning Calf Rolling

Using the yoga block set up will allow you to spend more time working this tissue, giving you better results.

Give it a try. 

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