Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hello 2017

As I write this, 2016 is about three weeks from coming to an end.  I want everyone to look back on their goals that were made early in the year.  Have you reached them?  Are you close or have you forgotten about them?  If your goals were reached were attempts made to far beyond, or if they were forgotten they may not have been important enough to you.
It is time to start thinking of your goals for the New Year.  Some of the goals may be one from previous year or years.  If you have struggled to reach goals in the past, make them more of a priority.  Map out a plan to reach the goal.  Reaching a goal is about acquiring a new skill, whether the skill is strength, being able to run a marathon or write a book.  All of them require you to start, moving weight, taking a step or writing a page. 

Goals do not have to be based on the calendar year, if you have a new goal begin the work now.  Why wait to 2017?  The longer you put off starting the work, the harder it is to begin.  Make your goal or challenge, write it down and put it in many places (if you see your goal there is no escaping), map out a plan to attain the goal, and start the plan.      

With this post, I have completed one of my 2016 goals, average one post per month.  I may have to up that to two per month.  Stay tunes.
Happy health holidays to everyone.

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