Thursday, June 2, 2011

Get up and move!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend, we here in Maine finally got to enjoy some sun and the temperature has climbed out of the forties and fifties. This would be a great time to start a new fitness routine for those who have strayed, and try something new and exciting for the more consistent workout worriers. This kind of leads me to my point of how have we gotten so far out of shape. There are hundreds if not thousands of infomercial-DVD exercise programs, and self-help diet and exercise books that dominate the shelves; we should all be “in shape”. What is the problem?
I think we are all looking for the next best thing, and we (me included) procrastinate too much. We need to get up and move more; walk, run or jump. The question that I get asked the most is “what is the best cardio machine or type of cardio to do?” I have a very simple answer, whatever you are going to do! What if the best is something you hate doing, you are probably not going to do it. Some types of exercise are more difficult than others, but I would rather you sit on a recumbent bike and ride for thirty minutes than do nothing at all. I do not want to hear the time excuse either, we all have ten to fifteen minutes per day (not the ideal amount of time) to perform some sort of exercise routine. So, guess what, the Next Best thing is to do something, and to do that something now, and tomorrow and the next day.
If you do not know how to put a small (or more extensive) plan together, seek out the advice of fitness professional. They can help you map out a plan that works for you

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